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About us

These pages are made by Jan Novotny as a part of a student project at University of Minho, Dep. of Geography in Guimarães. Supervisor of the project (Railway line Porto-Guimarães; a spatial analysis) is Prof. João Sarmento.

The project´s target is to explore the line, visit all the stations and stops and describe the equipment of the stations, possibility for connection to other way of (public) transport. One of parts of the project is to make a research oriented on number of passengers leaving trains in chosen stations and observe their next "steps" - do they use bus, taxi, their own cars or do they travel on foot to the centre of town? Another component of the project is to scan surroundings of the line and describe it (valleys, rural vs. urban areas, industry etc.).

The end of the project is in February 2009.